Our Impact

We have supported thousands of young people to take part in opportunities that enabled them to gain the skills and experiences to help them succeed.

Developing and replicating successful, innovative initiatives to engage young people and delivering to a high level, by trained industry professionals, is paramount to us. We want our organisation and its associated initiatives to make a difference, with as wide an impact as possible.

All across the UK, young people want to progress; have fun and learn; be healthy; be creative; make positive changes; and shape the kind of city they want for the future.

We want all young Londoners to:

  • Grow up physically and emotionally strong.
  • Have the skills, knowledge and networks to identify and work towards their career goals.
  • Be inspired and enabled to make a positive contribution to their communities.

As we face unprecedented turmoil from a pandemic, we remain committed to proactively removing the social and economic barriers that negatively impact communities across the country.

Through our initiatives, young people also develop their social and emotional capabilities critical for well-being, and personal development. Over 70% of young people improved their social and emotional capabilities and life skills during our weekly activities.

All our initiatives are underpinned by a strong focus on education and supporting young people to develop skills needed to succeed in their future careers, providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

Our expertise is to tie in a number of multi-faceted interventions, which work seamlessly together by combining media engagement activities with social learning courses alongside nationally accredited qualifications and added support by delivering counselling and 1-2-1 sessions.

Last year, we supported:




Young People



  • When I grow up I want to be a Doctor

  • When I grow up I want to be an Entrepreneur

  • When I grow up I want to be a Journalist

  • When I grow up I want to be a Builder

  • When I grow up I want to be a Graphic Designer

  • When I grow up I want to be a Writer