What We Do

We are a charitable organisation that provides opportunities for young people between the ages of 14 to 21, often marginalised young people coming from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

We support, encourage and empower young people and their community to reach and fulfil their potential by tapping into resources that will allow young people to achieve, both economically, physically and educationally.

In turn, our work in creating community projects, referring young people into work placements and educational based courses and developing positive role models, will as a consequence, benefit their peers, family and their surrounding community, which will lead to safer neighbourhood's, higher attainment and a better environment to live in.

The organisation’s expertise is to tie in a number of multi-faceted interventions, which work seamlessly together by combining media engagement activities with social learning courses alongside nationally accredited qualificationsand added support by delivering counselling and 1-2-1 sessions in areas such as substance misuse, employment support, teenage pregnancy and criminal justice awareness interventions.


  • Specific social and cultural needs of young people
  • Helping disadvantaged young people in the UK
  • Funded educational projects
  • Work with others to drive change that is locally led.

Training & Employment

  • Training the skills to enter the workplace
  • Providing Employment Training and Skills (ETS) courses with certification
  • Matching Flexible & Professional initiative

Business & Enterprise

  • Tailored support, community and partnerships to entrepreneurs
  • Unique approach to entrepreneurship support activities
  • NU Start's enterprise program for business start-ups

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Lead independent, fulfilling lives
  • Flexible demand support
  • Mental health counseling
  • One-to-one support services



Contact Us
  • Great West House, 993 Great West Road, TW8 9DF, Brentford

  • info@nustart.org
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