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Brent Schools Behaviour, Attendance and Wellbeing – 2012
Nu Start has been commissioned to deliver a series of workshops to schools based in Brent. The Higher Learning Workshop includes an interactive forum theatre with trained actors playing out scenes based on the workshop subject matter. Workshops are due to start late December 2012

Genesis Housing – 2012
Nu Start was commission by Genesis Housing to facilitate a Music Production workshop over half term for 6 lucky young people from the Mitchellbrook estate in NW London, who got the chance to spend 14 hours at Brent Media Centres recording studio to record a positive hip hop track.

Village school – 2012
Nu Start partnered with Default Media have been commissioned to deliver a series of multimedia workshops based around Filming Techniques, Lighting and Editing for the Village School based in Kingsbury.

Princes Trust – 2011
Nu Start partnered the Princes Trust to deliver a Criminal Justice Workshop. The workshop was created and delivered by Shane La Rocque who received a certificate on successfully completing Becoming an Effective Trainer workshop - March 4th 2011

Stadium Housing – 2011
Have requested a series of multimedia workshops based around Music Production for the young people of Press Road NW London. The workshop will culminate with a song being recorded with a strong anti drugs message.

Hounslow Youth Services – 2010
Hounslow Youth Services commissioned Nu Start Community Enterprise to run two training sessions on Cultural Competence. The first session was delivered on March 10th 2010 to mixed reviews. After extensive consultation with the borough, we were able to identify the core aims and objectives that the borough requested and delivered to this specification. Training facilitated by Dr. Dwain Neil

Barnet Connexions– 2010
Have requested a series 'taster sessions' on the Nu Start courses over a period of 2 months starting January 2010.

Mission Churches (Hammersmith) – 2010
Providing workshops on substance misuse

African Families Support Services (AFSS) (East Africa only) (Croydon and Kingston) – 2010
Providing workshops on substance misuse.

Barnet Youth Service / Connexions (North London) – 2010
Nu Start Community Enterprise partnered this Local Authority to run a number of workshops for their young people.

Lemuel Findlay Supplementary School (North London) – 2009
The Lemuel Findlay Supplementary School and Nu Start Community Enterprise partnered on a project to run 2 workshops to promote education, awareness and information on the use and misuse of cannabis and alcohol to their years 7, 8 , 9, 10 & 11.

Lakeside Community Facilities (West London) – 2009
Lakeside Community Facilities commissioned Nu Start Community Enterprise to run a series of 6 substance misuse workshops looking at the effects, associations and actions of drugs on the self, within the family and friends cohort and the impact it has on the wider society

Granville Arts – 2009
Nu Start is currently planning a number of Master Classes in conjunction with Granville Arts, Brent Youth Services. The first one will take place on the 31/10. The programme is designed to meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. This programme is ideal for those with a love of music and a head for business.

ABi / New Deal – 2009
Nu Start recently took part in the ABi / New Deal for Communities exhibition aimed at engaging the community in training and employment opportunities.  Many contacts in the sector were made along with promotion of our service

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When I grow up I want to be a Lawyer

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When I grow up I want to be an Accountant.

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