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Course Outline

This 8 week course has been devised to equip students with the basic knowledge of how a recording studio operates. Students will get a chance to record, mix and master one of their own compositions.

Learning Outline

Module 1

  • Introduction to sound recording
  • Early sound recording methods
  • Sound Recording Components
  • Sound Source and Receiver
  • Understanding of IN and OUT sound recordings.
  • Different kinds of sound
  • Acoustics
  • Sound Reflections

Module 2

  • Recording Equipment
  • Microphones (Types of Microphones)- Ring Diagram, - Direct way
  • Cable, Wireless
  • Dynamic and Condenser microphones
  • Gun-Microphones
  • Vocal microphones
  • Lavaliere microphones (Journalism/TV microphones)

Module 3

  • Types of Modern Sound
  • MIDI and Audio
  • Studio facilities for recording professional sound
  • Analogue and Digital. For and against
  • Sound receivers
  • Mixing consoles, Audio Processors
  • Computers

Module 4

  • Mono and Stereo recording
  • Multi track recording
  • Surround Sound 5,6,7.1 channel
  • Audio software for sound recording: Notator, Cubase, Sonar, Pro tools, Sound Forge, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Sibelius, Audition Virtual sounds: Cakewalk, Omnesphere
  • Sound Files Formats: Wav, Wave, AIFF, MP3, - - MP3Pro,

Module 5

  • Pre-Production Stages
  • Production
  • Mastering
  • Checking
  • Balancing
  • Mixing output
  • LEVELS (dB)- Industry Standards, TV, Radio Accepted levels
  • Typical Recording Studio Check
  • Cabling in the studio and outside
  • Live Rercording: Setting up, Microphones, Engineers, Speakers and difficulties
  • Finalizing Product
  • Output Format: CD, DVD, BD,MP4, MPEG2, MPEG4…
  • Labelling
  • LightScribe (Laser Written Picture Cover)
  • New Standards in recording formats
  • Health and Safety

Course Requirements

We require all students to have a strong passion for music and an interest in live sound. Previous knowledge and experience is preferred but not essential.

Enrolment: Continuous enrolment through the year.

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