Film Production Course(6 Month)

Course Overview

Our new Six-Month Practical Filmmaking programme has been created for people looking for an intensive and practical immersion in the craft and technique of filmmaking. The programme is specifically designed to give you the essential tools to be a professional filmmaker and a solid foundation in the key elements of filmmaking, from script to screen. Taught by industry professionals, Six-Month Practical Filmmaking will provide you with the confidence to take your skills into the film industry, as well as a showreel to launch your career.

The 25 week programme consists of three terms. During Terms 1 and 2, you will be trained in all key aspects of filmmaking through a combination of intensive practical workshops and a series of filmmaking exercises, escalating in scale as you go through the programme. Following the learning from the foundation programme in Term 1, you will learn advanced skills in screenwriting; cinematography and sound; fiction directing and producing; documentary production; editing and postproduction during Term 2. In Term 3, you will make your own film and perform key roles on set on other students' films.

Students who demonstrate exemplary communication and teamwork, management, planning and organisation skills, initiative and film sense are awarded a Practice Certificate, and access to our Industry Placement Scheme.

For more information Request A Prospectus and our Enrolments Team will get in touch to talk you through the course

Film/ Video Production, Photography & Lighting (8 weeks)

Course Overview

This 8 week course has been devised to equip students with the basic knowledge of Film production. Students will get a chance to shoot their own short film talking a social issue.

Learning Outline

Module 1

  • Introduction about Photography and Video (Charles Ginsburg 1951- VCR- Ampex co.)
  • Individual Experience in Photography and Video
  • Modern Formats and Usage
  • Camera Models and Their Use in Broadcast or Film making industry
  • Lenses, Usage. Tiffen, Rockwell, Black Net…
  • Pre Production and Production
  • Composition and Rules of Third in Photography and Video
  • Exposure and Aperture
  • Focus
  • Auto and Manual filming
  • Light Balance, Light Temperature (5,000K & over- cool colors (bluish, white), (2,700–3,000 K)- warm colors (yellowish, white, red)

Module 2

  • Rubbish In- Rubbish Out (Twice Rubbish Out)
  • Stability in Filming
  • Tripod, Stedicam, Crane, Rails, Monocam, Ring
  • In-Built stabilization
  • Software Stabilization
  • People in Frame, How to?
  • Kids in Frame, How to?
  • Animals and Camera Position to film

Module 3

  • Interview rules
  • Importance of Audio
  • Live Connections
  • DV tapes and Tapeless Filming

Module 4

  • Inside Filming
  • Correct Lenses
  • Distance
  • Zoom
  • Dolly
  • Empty space in the picture (Breathing space)

Module 5

  • Outside Filming
  • Satellite and Panorama
  • Correct Lenses and Filters
  • Color Temperature
  • Overexposure and Underexposure
  • Blue Screen and Green Screen

Module 6

  • Indoor Lighting (Portrait Lighting)
  • 3 Point Lighting
  • Shadows and Highlights
  • Rubbish in the Frame
  • Difficult Objects for Filming
  • Difficult Colours for Filming

Module 7

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Nature and Weather Conditions and how it affects filming
  • Underwater Filming, Gadgets and Attachments for Extreme Filming
  • Editing Software and Standards
  • Music, Audio, Voice over tracks, - Standards, Rules and their Bending
  • Capture and Timeline, - Non Destructive editing
  • Multi-camera Sequence, - Speed, Slow Motion and Effects
  • Cut, Trim, Ripple Delete or Close Gap
  • Music Writing and Composing for Film and Video
  • Software for Composing and Filming Audio Production

Module 8

  • Practical Assignment
  • Indoor Filming, Editing and Production (Clip- 5 minutes)
  • Outdoor Filming, Editing and Production (Clip- 5 minutes)
  • Live Concert Filming, Editing and Production
  • Adobe Certification Exam (Adobe Premiere CS5 Exam: 9A0-154)

Course Requirements

We require all students to have a strong passion for filming. Previous knowledge and experience is preferred but not essential.

Enrolment: Continuous enrolment through the year.

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