Nu Start Training

The services that are on offer and that can be delivered include the following:


Services Content Outcomes
1-2-1 Substance Misuse (SM) counselling Working in a psycho-social model using CBT techniques, harm minimisation and M.I.
  • Awareness of SM
  • Reduction in SM
  • Develop coping strategies
Group Therapy counselling Again as the above, but using group dynamics within social psychology
  • Awareness of SM
  • Reduction in SM
  • Develop coping strategies
Conflict Resolution Looking at issues to dissolve disharmony and discord with relationships both professional and personal
  • Improved relations
  • Reduction of conflict
  • Understanding of self and others
Working with Self-Harm Support individuals and staff on understanding and dealing with issues of self-harm
  • Learn new techniques on managing self – harming behaviour
  • Identify signs and symptoms
  • Develop skills on support and interventions
Anger Management Looking at issues of controlling temper, managing anger and rationale behaviour patterns
  • Management of feelings and anger
  • Understanding thought process’
  • Positive reactions and behaviour
Peer Leadership We have a program (via screening and assessment) to identify young people that can act as peer mentors and support the ‘Nu Start Street Team’
  • Recognized peer leader
  • Supporting the management of a Nu Start department
  • Access to become a Community Leader
Criminal Justice These courses provide education to professionals and individuals on the arrangements of the judicial system, access to support services and interventions
  • Awareness of the criminal justice system
  • Understanding the workings of the system
  • Awareness of the law
Emotional Intelligence Main components inc. Self awareness, Managing feelings, Personal Decision making, Handling Stress, Empathy, Communications, Self-disclosure, Insight, Self-acceptance, Personal responsibility, Assertiveness, Group Dynamics and Conflict resolution.

Competencies relating to self
Social Competence
Social Skills

  • Developed self-awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Better decision making skills
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Learning how to handle responsibility


All prices are subject to quotation of work requested which includes:

  • • 1 – 2 – 1’s
  • • Workshops / Groups
  • • OCN Accredited Training Courses

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